An extension of my thoughts and capabilities.
A never ending fantasies of what is beyond real.
A time of putting out stress after stress.

Permalink The view up in Barberstown Castle. 👍😁💪🏰 #FirstTime #WorkPlace #Hotel #Ireland (at Barberstown Castle)
Permalink What you looking at? 😠😎 (at Rathangan, County Kildare)
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Permalink ✌️👊 (at Liffey Valley Vue Cinema)
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Permalink Berry & Mocha Frappe. #starbucks (at Starbucks)
Permalink Saw this down at the end of Castletown.  (at Castletown House)
Permalink Shortbreads 😁👌 (at Celbridge, Co. Kildare)
Permalink Disabled = Retard.
Permalink Went biking for more than 3 hours with @ejoshz18 @sean00brien & Nikko last Wednesday. 😁👍🚲 (at Castletown House)
Permalink Oreo, Strawberry Shortcake Greek Style & Cookie Dough. Yumyum! Food Porn, Yum, Icecream, Summer by Rome Reyes on EyeEm
Permalink The Luminescence of the Moon. 👍🌝🌌@em.31 @adrianrabang @k1ngferdinand  (at Celbridge, Co. Kildare)
Permalink Thank you Tita Jing & Tito Mags for this. Fits perfectly. 😁👍✌️👌 (at Celbridge, Co. Kildare)
Permalink Argentina for Finals!! #FIFAWorldCup2014 #GoArgentina