An extension of my thoughts and capabilities.
A never ending fantasies of what is beyond real.
A time of putting out stress after stress.

Permalink Let’s start the day right with @starbucks coffee. #TGIF #WhileWaitingForTheBus (at Starbucks Ireland)
Permalink Student ID & Student Leap Card. O yes, I’m back! 👍😁✌️👌🏫🏢💳✖️ (at Pearse College)

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Superman 👌🔽
Permalink #Repost from @teddysphotos:
“Dublin night #1” YOU’RE FREAKING AWESOME!! YOU’RE UNREAL!!! Find me there guys! Haha! (at 3Arena)
Permalink On the way @teddysphotos concert here in Dublin. 👍✌️👌🎤
Permalink Starting on Monday. #BackToCollege
Permalink Ehem ehem. #WhatToGet ??
Permalink Hey lads. @jomarialang31 @adrianrabang
Permalink I’ve had my @starbucks card since June and I only registered it now. Still have credits on it and I”m craving for some. 😁👍☕️
Permalink Update done #iOS8
Permalink #HospitalDay #Operation #Anesthesia #Stitches  (at Naas General Hospital)
Permalink Hey there @katemryan. 👍✌️😁 (at Barberstown Castle)
Permalink Thanks for the visit bros @yhowbiieboy @adrianrabang @jomarialang31 @jj02m @k1ngferdinand
Permalink Movie Date with them 🎬👍👌😄✌️
Permalink Happy 48th Birthday Mama!!!!! 😁👍❤️ (at Celbridge)